Adam Kidan

Adam KidanAdam Kidan has years of experience as a successful entrepreneur in both the Washington, D.C. and New York City Metro areas.  He has had several diverse business ventures over the year and currently works at Chartwell Business Advisors, which he founded in 2002.

Background and Career

Adam graduated from George Washington University in 1986.  After receiving his degree, he decided to pursue a law degree which he obtained from Brooklyn Law School in 1989.  During his time at Brooklyn Law, Adam finished first in his class and was given the American Jurisprudence Award for his excellent academic performance.  Adam practiced law as a partner with the firm Duncan, Fish, Bergson, and Kidan for several years before moving toward the world of business.

Adam brought the first 1-800-Mattress location to Washington, D.C.  The venture was a major success.

In 2002, Adam started his own business called Chartwell Business Advisors.  The mission of Chartwell was to be an advisor and business brokerage company.  Among Chartwell’s many clients are a well-known professional sports franchise, many large staffing companies, and an important media company.

Beyond Business

Besides his business ventures, Adam Kidan has always been active in his community.  In Washington, Adam was the co-chair of Greater DC Cares, which coordinates a large portion of all volunteer efforts in the Metro.  Greater DC Cares has been working to better the DC area for over thirty years, pairing in-need communities with thousands of volunteers.

Adam was also an instrumental member of the Washington, DC Chamber of Commerce PAC.  Their mission is to gain visibility for candidates who are committed to working towards communities that are friendly to small businesses and want to see more safe and healthy communities in general.

As a board member of the greater Washington Urban League, Adam worked to help the interracial, non-partisan group extol their mission to increase equality, political empowerment, and economic empowerment of the minority community in Washington, DC.

Adam’s community involvement was not limited to politics and business.  He also lent a hand to the arts as a board member of the Washington Performing Arts Society.  The WPAS has worked for forty years to connect community artists in Washington.  Adam also served as one of Laurel Regional Hospital’s board members in an effort to work on health in his community.

Among his other accolades, Adam counts being appointed by the mayor of Washington to be a part of the Workforce Investment Council.  He has been a member of the Princeton Club of New York since 1991, has been a member of the Washington DC Economic Club, and has been on the board of directors for several other companies.

Adam currently resides on Long Island, New York with his wife, Tracy Kidan, and daughter, Sloane Kidan.  Tracy is an entrepreneur herself, owning a light industrial staffing agency.