(P)Raising Your Children

As a father, I know how important it is to provide and look out for my children and be the best parent that I can.  That involves feeding and providing for them, but it also means supporting them in no matter what they do.  You want your child to be successful as an adult, so […]

Starting Over After a Setback

Failure isn’t just normal for entrepreneurs; it can be argued that it’s even essential.  Failure, as I’ve written before, is a great learning experience, but that doesn’t mean it can’t a major setback.  Sometimes, failure means losing everything, but just because you’ve hit rock bottom, doesn’t mean you can’t overcome it.  I recently read an […]

Getting an Advisor

When you’re starting a business, people often talk about how important your first hire is.  And they’re absolutely right.  But hiring your first advisor is a huge, arguably even bigger, step.  Among other things, a good advisor is able to assist with strategy, facilitate connections, analyze financials, provide insights and serve as a great sounding […]

Myths About Entrepreneurship

Over my time writing about being an entrepreneur, I’ve talked about various, sometimes contradictory, things that you need to know.  There are many myths about being an entrepreneur that novices might believe, but there are also plenty of myths that entrepreneurs, some of them pretty seasoned, believe as well.  And these are myths that they […]

The Rise of Small Business Sales

As an entrepreneur, I have a long history with small businesses, whether it’s starting them, investing in them, trading them or selling them.  Since 2007, the website BizBuySell has been tracking data related to buying and selling online businesses.  According to their quarterly insight report, a total of 7,842 closed transactions were reported in 2016, […]

Chipotle’s Debacle

Just several years ago, Chipotle was on the very top of the fast food chain market.  Their burritos became the stuff of legend, and an image geared towards sustainability earned approval.  Yet since an E.coli outbreak made customers sick across the country, the Mexican chain has had problems gaining their fans back.  Yesterday they said […]

Job Trends of 2017

Even if you can’t make any sure predictions, especially when looking for a new job, it’s essential to have the information necessary to make the right move.  The chief economist of Glassdoor recently released a report that detailed his predictions for the factors shaping the hiring process and job market of the new year, which […]

Marketing on a Budget

If you operate an online business and want it to grow (and let’s face it, which business owner doesn’t want that?), then that requires a marketing strategy.  But focusing on a bad marketing strategy does nothing but drains your money and resources for nothing.  To choose the right marketing strategy, keep in mind the product […]

Why You Should Read

The more you read, the more you’ll learn.  That goes without saying.  Even if it can be a bit of a time commitment, it’s important to take time away from your busy schedule and take some time to read every day, even if it’s just on the subway.  The best rule of thumb is to […]

Why You Should Hire

When you start a business, it often takes a while before you admit that you need help.  You write the content, set up the site, handle the social media, write the emails.  At the time, you’ll tell yourself that you wouldn’t want it any other way.  Yet in hindsight, nine out of ten business owners […]