Community Engagement

As an active community member, Adam Kidan is passionate about several organizations and outreach programs in the DC and NYC Metro.  See below to learn more about some of the programs with which Adam is most active:

Adam Kidan: Political Activism

Workforce Investment Council (WIC)

Workforce Investment Council

The DC Workforce Investment Council.

The WIC or Washington, DC Workforce Investment Council was put into place by the Workforce Investment Act.  The council’s purview and responsibilities include the advisement of the Washington city government’s leadership on ways to better the workforce investment system.  The WIC has two smaller committees within that handle more specialized projects.

  • WIC Youth Council: The WIC Youth Council works with the leadership to create creative solutions for workforce issues currently being faced by DC youth.  Many of the Youth Council’s members do double duty, serving as key players in the city’s Youth Employment Change Network.
  • Executive Committee: The Executive Committee is in charge of all issues related to the workforce investment system, particularly focusing on fiscal and administrative challenges, and performance management.

Kidan was appointed and served on the council during the administration of Mayor Anthony A. Williams.

DC Chamber of Commerce PAC

Adam was tasked with helping to mobilize the community to elect city government officials who were passionate about fostering a safe and healthy environment that allowed local businesses to thrive.  In addition to his role as Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce PAC, Adam also sat on the board of trustees.

2000 RNC

Adam Kidan was honored to be chosen to attend the 2000 Republican National Convention in Philadelphia.

Washington Economic Club

Adam was an active member of the Washington, DC Economic Club.  Over the course of nearly three decades, the organization provided opportunities for business owners and government officials to work together to find common ground and work toward the resolution of the city’s greatest economic problems facing entrepreneurs and citizens.  In addition to creating an environment that’s conducive for economic prosperity, the club also engenders a sense of community between members of the diplomatic corps, government leaders, and business advocates in the Greater DC Metro Area.

Philanthropic and Cultural Organizations

In addition to his political activism, Adam has also been involved in various efforts to improve the culture and vitality of his local community.

Washington Performing Arts Society

Washington Performing Arts Logo

The Washington Performing Arts Society promotes cutting edge artistic expression in the DC Community.

One of DC’s great centers of culture, the Washington Performing Arts Society has a simple mission: they strive to give local youths amazing opportunities through arts education, give the DC community access to a diverse array of quality performances and presentations, while working to support the endeavors of the artists themselves.  Adam Kidan was proud to sit on the board on the WPAS.

Enriching the arts and culture of the DC community for over forty years, the WPAS is a staple of Washington’s tradition of performing arts.  One of the most important aspects of the WPAS’ mission, is enfranchising artists to be able to take risks.  On the musical front alone, they are proud to support everything from classical, jazz, gospel, international, and even contemporary dance.  They are committed to giving artists and musicians the ability to pursue provocative genre blends in an effort to stay on the cutting edge of art and performance.

They were given national recognition in 2012 when they were awarded the National Medal of Arts from the President of the United States.

Adam Kidan and the Greater Washington Urban League


The Greater Washington Urban League provides advocacy for over 65,000 people per year.

Adam had the unique honor of serving as one of forty Greater Washington Urban League board members.  In this capacity, Adam has the opportunity to work on issues that matter to him.  The GWUL is committed to providing opportunity and agency to African Americans and other minorities in the DC region.  The League provides advocacy for over 65,000 people in a given year and promotes over thirty programs covering everything from education, employment training, community development and training.

These are just a few of the organizations that Adam Kidan has supported over the years.  Check back soon for new posts and information about Adam’s favorite causes and community outreach programs.