Getting an Advisor

When you’re starting a business, people often talk about how important your first hire is.  And they’re absolutely right.  But hiring your first advisor is a huge, arguably even bigger, step.  Among other things, a good advisor is able to assist with strategy, facilitate connections, analyze financials, provide insights and serve as a great sounding […]

Marketing on a Budget

If you operate an online business and want it to grow (and let’s face it, which business owner doesn’t want that?), then that requires a marketing strategy.  But focusing on a bad marketing strategy does nothing but drains your money and resources for nothing.  To choose the right marketing strategy, keep in mind the product […]

Negotiating and You

When it comes to negotiation, it’s often easy to just think of yourself and not direct about what it is you actually want.  But I recently came across an article by Gary Vaynerchuk that talks about his style of negotiation; according to him, the most successful negotiations are those that are mutually beneficial.  You don’t […]

Business Lessons From Coach Wooden

UCLA basketball coach John Wooden shares a fascinating story in his autobiography.  Before the start of each season, the coach would time to personally show his players how to properly put on socks with meticulous detail, then check to make sure there weren’t any wrinkles, folds or creases, which cause blisters.  Wooden emphasized to his […]

What to Know About Title 3

On May 16, just a week away, a new type of crowdfunding will be starting for entrepreneurs.  In traditional crowdfunding, and individual contributes money to a business in exchange for a gift.  Equity crowdfunding is where entrepreneurs sell pieces of their companies.  Entrepreneurs have historically only been able to raise money through equity crowdfunding from […]

Businesses For Baby Boomers

While there has been plenty of focus on entrepreneurship focused on millennials, baby boomers aren’t as recognized.  Millennials are the future, no doubt, but to overlook the baby boomers could be a major oversight.  They’re still making their influence felt, particularly in the growing senior market; a report by Nielsen estimates that they’ll control some […]

Being a Leader

The main juice behind a startup is that visionary entrepreneur behind an innovative new venture.  However, this entrepreneur can’t grow the business alone; they need to grow from a “doer” to a leader.  While it’s a big transition, it’s a necessary step in the world of entrepreneurship.  While these entrepreneurs know what needs to be […]

Amazon’s Next Big Move

Amazon has quietly been inviting drivers for its new “on-demand” delivery service to handle its standard packages, in an effort to speed up delivery times.  The move is the latest sign that Amazon wants to control more of its own deliveries.  Media reports have said that the company intends to lease its own fleet of […]

The Strong Dollar

With the value of the dollar increasing, it’s on the way to being worth the same as the euro for the first time in 13 years.  This has been a good year for the dollar, as it’s been surging not only against the euro, but most other global currencies as well.  The US Dollar Index, […]

Having a Productive Week

Garfield has talked about his dislike of Mondays many times over, and he’s not alone.  The start of the week always feels particularly overwhelming: you could have a big project coming up, you could be looking forward to an awesome vacation that upcoming weekend, or you could just be tired of the grind.  These sort […]