Businesses For Baby Boomers

While there has been plenty of focus on entrepreneurship focused on millennials, baby boomers aren’t as recognized.  Millennials are the future, no doubt, but to overlook the baby boomers could be a major oversight.  They’re still making their influence felt, particularly in the growing senior market; a report by Nielsen estimates that they’ll control some […]

Sacrifices Every Entrepreneur Must Make

It’s easy to decide that you want to be an entrepreneur: you can control your own destiny, and if you’re lucky, smart and work hard, you can build a major business empire.  But there’s a much darker side to this field, and being an entrepreneur means making sacrifices.  Here are five sacrifices an entrepreneur needs […]

Being Heard Over the White Noise

In a crowded marketplace, finding your niche and making yourself heard can be difficult.  Marketing in a well-developed industry in particular is difficult, since you can’t do a lot of things that are cutting-edge.  In any competitive marketplace, the key is to avoid becoming a commodity.  Without customer loyalty, you’ll always be at risk of […]

Cuba Embargo Lifted?

The cuban embargo has been a fact of life for Americans for over 50 years now.  Yet it looks like this embargo could be ending very soon.  After the release of a USAID subcontractor from a Havana prison, President Obama has declared a policy shift toward Cuba, which could be a huge benefit to the […]