Sacrifices Every Entrepreneur Must Make

It’s easy to decide that you want to be an entrepreneur: you can control your own destiny, and if you’re lucky, smart and work hard, you can build a major business empire.  But there’s a much darker side to this field, and being an entrepreneur means making sacrifices.  Here are five sacrifices an entrepreneur needs […]

Being Heard Over the White Noise

In a crowded marketplace, finding your niche and making yourself heard can be difficult.  Marketing in a well-developed industry in particular is difficult, since you can’t do a lot of things that are cutting-edge.  In any competitive marketplace, the key is to avoid becoming a commodity.  Without customer loyalty, you’ll always be at risk of […]

Cuba Embargo Lifted?

The cuban embargo has been a fact of life for Americans for over 50 years now.  Yet it looks like this embargo could be ending very soon.  After the release of a USAID subcontractor from a Havana prison, President Obama has declared a policy shift toward Cuba, which could be a huge benefit to the […]