Myths About Entrepreneurship

Over my time writing about being an entrepreneur, I’ve talked about various, sometimes contradictory, things that you need to know.  There are many myths about being an entrepreneur that novices might believe, but there are also plenty of myths that entrepreneurs, some of them pretty seasoned, believe as well.  And these are myths that they […]

Being a Leader

The main juice behind a startup is that visionary entrepreneur behind an innovative new venture.  However, this entrepreneur can’t grow the business alone; they need to grow from a “doer” to a leader.  While it’s a big transition, it’s a necessary step in the world of entrepreneurship.  While these entrepreneurs know what needs to be […]

What’s Been Hurting American Entrepreneurship

When the financial crisis started in 2008, some people thought that the startups were going to be the saving grace that would bring the economy back.  However, things got a lot worse for some unexpected reasons.  I recently came across an article where the author discusses what some of the factors are that have hurt […]

Personal Habits That Will Hurt Your Business

When you’re considering growth strategies, it’s easy to focus just on the business.  However, your personal life tends to be connected to your business a lot more than you might imagine, with each aspect of your life bleeding into another.  If your business is struggling, then you might want to check out how your personal […]

Having a Productive Week

Garfield has talked about his dislike of Mondays many times over, and he’s not alone.  The start of the week always feels particularly overwhelming: you could have a big project coming up, you could be looking forward to an awesome vacation that upcoming weekend, or you could just be tired of the grind.  These sort […]

Top Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter

In a recent article, tech journalist Kim Shandrow wrote about five inspiring entrepreneurs who are worth following on Twitter.  While millions of tweets emerge from Twitter every day, there are still some specific people that every entrepreneur should follow. Barbara Corcoran is most famous for her position on the show “Shark Tank”.  With a $1,000 […]

When a Startup Decides to Make its First Hire

A recent article from has dived deeper into the backbone of America: small businesses.  It is obvious that existing businesses can create jobs, but they can also fire people (not to mention go out of business themselves).  Startups, however, can only create jobs.  So statistically, when do they hire their own employees to boost […]

The Trick to Talking with Millennials

What comes to mind when you think of Millennials?  Apathetic?  Disrespectul? Irresponsible?  Self-centered?  These are all common misconceptions about the current budding generation.  Today’s young people are, in fact, socially aware, goal-oriented, and high achieving, and organizations need to learn to adapt their marketing materials to fit this demographic. Hey everyone, Adam Kidan once again, […]