How These Cities Attract Talent

As a Brooklyn native, I’m inclined to believe that New York is the greatest city to do business.  If you can make it there, as Frank Sinatra once mused, you can make it anywhere.  Across the country, Silicon Valley has also been earning a reputations as a place for entrepreneurs to make it big.  But […]

Top Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter

In a recent article, tech journalist Kim Shandrow wrote about five inspiring entrepreneurs who are worth following on Twitter.  While millions of tweets emerge from Twitter every day, there are still some specific people that every entrepreneur should follow. Barbara Corcoran is most famous for her position on the show “Shark Tank”.  With a $1,000 […]

When a Startup Decides to Make its First Hire

A recent article from has dived deeper into the backbone of America: small businesses.  It is obvious that existing businesses can create jobs, but they can also fire people (not to mention go out of business themselves).  Startups, however, can only create jobs.  So statistically, when do they hire their own employees to boost […]