Adam Kidan

Professional Overview

Adam Kidan has years of experience as a successful entrepreneur in both the Washington, D.C. and New York City Metro areas.  He has had several diverse business ventures over the years including Chartwell Business Advisors and currently Chartwell Staffing Solutions, where he is the Chairman and CEO.

Background and Career


Adam Kidan graduated from George Washington University with a Bachelor’s in Political Science in 1986. After earning his degree, he decided to study to become an attorney, and he obtained his juris doctorate from Brooklyn Law School in 1989 where he won the American Jurisprudence Award for his excellent academic performance.  

Adam practiced law as a partner with the firm Duncan, Fish, Bergson, and Kidan for several years before moving toward the world of business. While he loved practicing law and enjoyed his training as an attorney, he saw business as an opportunity to exercise more creative control over his professional life and to have a role that would allow him to realize his ambitions.

This revelation led Adam to enter the business, and he opened the first 1-800-Mattress location in Washington, D.C. To Adam, starting a business was the greatest feeling and his venture saw major success. From humble beginnings of cleaning floors and carrying mattresses, Adam was proud to see his business grow. While the business was seeing great success, Adam—with his keen eye on detail—would have preferred to start his own mattress brand in order to have more control over the quality of the product.

Adam Kidan believes you shouldn’t fall in love with a single business—even if it’s yours—so that you can remain open to other opportunities when they arise. This is why, when an unexpected offer came to sell 1-800-Mattress, he felt compelled to take it. However, this left Adam unemployed at age 34. At the time, he had many people coming to him for advice on selling and purchasing businesses. Thus, in 2002, Adam started a new business called Chartwell Business Advisors, an advisor and business brokerage company.

Starting Chartwell Business Advisors was the perfect opportunity for Adam. He was finally able to have full control over every operation of the company. He used this power to run the company so that serving the company was the main focus. Among Chartwell’s many clients were a well-known professional sports franchise, many large staffing companies, and an important media company.

In 2012, Adam started Chartwell Staffing Solutions while he was still running Chartwell Business Advisors. After a few years, Adam Kidan sold Chartwell Business Advisors due to the success of Chartwell Staffing amongst other reasons. Chartwell Staffing Solutions has since been named the fasting growing company in Central Pennsylvania for two years. The company is based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania which he saw as the perfect place to start the staffing company: It is an area that is inviting more businesses to set up shop and establish themselves, and it was the ideal spot to lay the groundwork for a company that is rapidly expanding into a nationwide marketplace.

Adam Kidan currently spends most of his time traveling on the road to meet with staff and other clients. Chartwell Staffing Solutions currently has 40 different locations and Adam diligently works to maintain all of them while seeking new clients they can service properly. When he is stationed in Lancaster, he is holding strategy sessions and planning different ways to expand further with Chartwell.