Becoming your own boss by Adam KidanQuitting your job and leaving your jerk boss behind is a dream that we’ve all had, but it’s much easier said than done.  You might be an entrepreneur with a big idea that’s going to make you millions, but what if you don’t have the money to fund it, or you don’t even have an idea?  There are some great ways that you can be your own boss without any of the entrepreneurial hassles stopping you.  Here are three of them, based off an article I found on

Become an agent for an existing brand: Real estate and insurance agents are people who build a business of their own while also working with established brands.  The brand will train you on the product while handling things like marketing and market research, leaving you time to focus on selling and keeping customers happy.  One brand where you can do this is Allstate, who helps get you licensed and sets you up with a location.

Franchise: Buying into a big-name franchise is an extremely expensive venture, yet there are plenty of franchise opportunities for less than $50,000 that can be started up quickly; some examples include commercial cleaning service Jan-Pro, H&R Block and travel agency Cruise Planners.  Before making a purchase, research existing franchises, consult with an attorney and accountant and read relevant literature.  Such research will help determine if an investment is the right path for you.

Become a freelancer/consultant: If you have a skill you’ll be able to sell as a service, and you have the drive and vision to start and grow a business, then you can become an independent contractor in literally any business.  Freelance writers, designers and accountants are able to operate as independent contractors.  You’ll be your own boss, hired and paid for a specific project.  Just like any business, you’ll need to know your market, the demand for your service and typical expenses to develop a strategy and set your fees.  Just make sure you check with your local, state and federal agencies to make sure you’ve successfully navigated the legal red tape to accomplish all of this.