fighting fearSuccess means learning to overcome your biggest fears.  Some fears hold you back more than others, with some of them restraining your abilities, making your dreams impossible.  To be successful, you need to confront these.  Here are seven common fears you need to overcome to be successful, based off an article I found online:

Fear of criticism: Many people are scared to live their dreams for fear of what others may think and say about them.  This is a common theme for many people, but making decisions based on what people think will limit you for the rest of your life.  Think instead about what these people would say if you achieved success.

Fear of poverty: Many people are stuck in “survival mode”.  This is a crippling fear, and too many people find themselves settling for mediocrity because they think they need to “survive”.

Fear of old age: There’s a certain age when people just quit at life; as Benjamin Franklin once said, “most people die at 25 and are buried at 75”.  Fear of old age can also be harmful when a person has to go through a major career transition.  Yet age is ultimately not as important as your belief in yourself.

Fear of failure: This is when people tend to ask “what if”, often phrased in a negative way.  Instead of thinking about how you may fail, instead concentrate on how you could succeed.

Fear of offending others: People need to be audacious in their actions if they want to get ahead.  You might not offend anybody if you act mild and quiet, but you certainly won’t impress anybody either.  You might be afraid that you’re coming across as “arrogant” if you toot your own horn, but nobody will recognize your talent if you don’t show them.

Fear of looking foolish: We often act as if what we want to do is wrong, but we need more faith in our ability to make decisions.  Time after time, people have deviated from their original plans and found success.

Fear of success: People are often afraid of becoming themselves, and what real success is all about.  Many of us were taught that being successful in life is nearly impossible.  Yet instead of adopting such a mindset, believe that you’ll achieve massive success down the road.