How Millennials Approach Business by Adam KidanAs baby boomers continue to retire, millennials are becoming more and more prevalent in the workforce.  Many people in older generations view them negatively, but more than anything else, they just have a different approach.  So you don’t become a dinosaur, it’s important to understand how millennials behave differently.  Here are some ways, taken from a post that I read on the blog Young Upstarts:

Their goals: According to Forbes, 65% of millennials want to start their own business, the highest rate of any generation.  Many of them see this as a way to help people; the businesses they start are often aimed at changing the world. They have good digital skills, having grown up through the Information Age, and are looking at ways to use it.  Piggybacking onto that…

Digital Natives: This is the generation who at 10 years old was teaching their grandparents how to use email.  They’re the first generation to grow up with the technology they now take for granted.  Communication, cloud, and other sharing software has all dramatically facilitated both communication and collaboration.  

Work culture: Changes in technology have also led to changes in attitudes toward work.  The traditional approach to work, with a strict schedule, is making way for a more flexible, relaxed schedule, facilitated by always being “on” thanks to easier communication.  This also means more people work remotely.  Millennials want to feel relaxed at their work, and have the ability to collaborate and be appreciated for their work.  

Marketing: Millennials have dramatically changed in the world of marketing, thanks in no small part to the Digital Age, which has opened up content marketing in a way that was never possible before.  Millennial customers also want to feel involved in a company’s marketing, creating campaigns that are vastly different than what was happening before.