Job trends of 2017 by adam kidanEven if you can’t make any sure predictions, especially when looking for a new job, it’s essential to have the information necessary to make the right move.  The chief economist of Glassdoor recently released a report that detailed his predictions for the factors shaping the hiring process and job market of the new year, which were written about on  Here are the five trends from his research:

Data science will become part of HR: A lot of companies have hired “data scientists” to better streamline how they approach such things as marketing and logistics, and it’s been predicted that more HR departments will take up that trend when dealing with employee engagement.  

Automation will continue: Even though technology won’t make jobs disappear entirely, many industries, including retail, finance, transportation and manufacturing will feel the results of increased automation.  To offset these changes, the report recommends professional development focused on building skills complementary to the machines becoming part of the new workplace.  

Ostentatious office perks will go: Companies like Google pioneered various office perks, such as office ping-pong tables, catered lunches and on-site spas, although there’s a rising concern that such trends aren’t doing much in the long run.  Rather, in the upcoming year things such as paid leave and more comprehensive healthcare packages will be more on companies’ radars.  

There will be an effort to close the gender pay gap: The report predicts that companies will be more transparent about what they’re paying employees, and there will also be an increase in businesses working to combat the gender pay gap.  

The “gig” economy will be reshaped: While Airbnb and Uber are well-known, the gig economy most likely won’t grow beyond its current phase.  Yet the idea of flexible working hours will become more prevalent in other fields.