When you’re considering growth strategies, it’s easy to focus just on the business.  However, your personal life tends to be connected to your business a lot more than you might imagine, with each aspect of your life bleeding into another.  If your business is struggling, then you might want to check out how your personal life is affecting your business.  Listed below are five personal habits that will hurt your business, from an article that I read in entrepreneur.com:

Sleep deprivation

1. Lack of rest: A lack of proper rest means that it will take you twice as long to do the same projects within your business than if you’re running on a good night’s sleep.  A tired mind is a slow one.  Stop being so busy all the time, and rest so that you’ll be more productive, creative and efficient.

money going down the drain

2. Poor personal finances: No control over personal finances means that both your mind and business will be distracted.  Worries over money means stifling creativity.  Expanding personal expenses can make a huge impact on your company.  If you regain control over your personal finances, your business is set to grow and prosper.

Couples fighting

3. Relationship problems: Problems with relationships could mean the end of your company, as they take energy from working on your business and suck the life right out of you.  The more intimate the relationship, the more problems will emotionally and physically affect you.  Repair those relationships that need it and remove toxic relationships.

Lack of exercise

4. Lack of exercise: A lack of exercise will reduce both your physical and mental stamina, while also damaging your confidence.  Exercise can be intimidating, especially if you haven’t done it in a while, so start slowly, but stay consistent.

Setting boundaries

5. Struggling with boundaries: A lack of recognition between a concern and a responsibility will cause many entrepreneurs to get burnt out and frustrated.  A lack of boundaries causes an overwhelming level of pressure.  Focus on and fix only what is your responsibility, and leave other concerns to those people who are responsible for them.