Promoting your content by adam kidanLet’s imagine that you’ve written some great blog posts, optimized them and added the important keyword phrases.  You now need to post them onto your social media and watch them generate traffic.  Yet in the modern day and age, effective marketing goes a lot further than just posting things; you need to include significant promotion as a core element of your process.  You can tweet your blog posts, share them on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ and highlight what makes them great, get your posts in front of other people’s audiences, maybe even do paid campaigns.  I recently came across an article by Duct Tape Marketing, who uses an “influencer program” for their clients to help increase traffic and engagement to their content.  They shared five steps towards building an influencer program, listed below:

Find influencers: Find the influencers in your business you want to target.  You can use plenty of tools to find such folks, such as BuzzSumo’s influence ranking tool, Topsy and Followerwonk, which help to validate and expand a list of potential partners.  

Segment influencers by customer persona: Once you’ve gathered influencers, build a spreadsheet segmented by clients’ differing market segments.  Many businesses try to gain influence with different levels of stakeholders; for example, a company may need to interact with the CFO and the purchasing agent, then create profiles of influencers for both of these.  Add as much social information as possible to the spreadsheet.

Build relationships: Once you’ve got a list set up, work on building relationships before you pitch story ideas or ask for links or tweets.  Start out by following every person on your list on Twitter and Google+ and subscribing to their blog feed.  Then begin sharing their content, posting relevant and useful comments.  Maybe reach out directly to them and share something they might find interesting and will hopefully want to blog about or use as a data point.

Guest blog: In addition to finding targeted influencers, build a list of potential guest blog post opportunities.  You want to find both places where you can post and potential writers that may have great content to share.  You’ll often find blogs that won’t want to cover a topic, but would love a well thought-out post.  It’s also a great way to diversify your content and build a relationship with bloggers who want to promote their content featured on the site.  

Use strategic partnerships: One of the best ways to blow up a significant piece of content is through collaboration and cobranding.  Maybe take an eBook, tip sheet or case study, then offer to let a strategic partner or influencer share it with their audience.  You’ll gain an introduction to large groups of prospects, and is often welcomed by partners who know they should be producing more content.  Another approach is to create a joint post or infographic with a strategic partner.