It’s easy to decide that you want to be an entrepreneur: you can control your own destiny, and if you’re lucky, smart and work hard, you can build a major business empire.  But there’s a much darker side to this field, and being an entrepreneur means making sacrifices.  Here are five sacrifices an entrepreneur needs to make, based off an article I found online:

Stability: When you’re starting a new venture, there’s no guarantee of success.  Even with a solid idea and plans, the foundation is always rocky, and you never know which direction your business is going to be headed.  If you haven’t already sacrificed a comfortable job, you’ll probably have to sacrifice something else before moving forward.  Don’t be surprised if you come across plenty of changes in fortune.frustration

Work/life split: When you become an entrepreneur, it’s not as easy to keep your personal and professional life separate.  Even if you don’t want to do any work, you’ll be getting urgent calls and emails you need to answer because you’re the boss and nobody else will answer them, so you’ll more-or-less be working every hour of the day.  Yet at the same time, this will also make your office feel more like personal time because you’ll want to be there.

Income: For the first few years of your business, you most likely won’t make a lot of money.  In most businesses, entrepreneurs end up investing huge amounts of their own money to get their business started.  Since you’ll be deciding where the money goes, you can set your own salary, although most entrepreneurs won’t take a salary until there’s a steady line of revenue backing them.

Sleep: No matter how hard you work to keep healthy sleeping habits, you’ll have to sacrifice some sleep in order to run your business.  You might have to pull all-nighters to get a proposal together, get up super early to make a meeting or find yourself lying awake at night as you worry about the future of your company.

Comfort: As a boss, everything revolves around you.  You’ll have to wear plenty of hats, make decisions you’ve never had to make before and deal with subjects you hadn’t yet considered.  Being an entrepreneur means stepping out of your comfort zone.  The sign of a successful entrepreneur is somebody who approaches uncomfortable situations with confidence and excitement.