Taking time As an Entrepreneur by Adam KidanAs an entrepreneur and family man, I know just how hard it can be to balance your family life with your inevitably hectic and jam-packed work life.  Whether you’re new to the game of entrepreneurship or a seasoned veteran, staying on top of your work and showing your loved ones that you haven’t forgotten about them can be a difficult task.  The trick is to make a conscious effort every day.  Here are four ways that you can show your loved ones that you care, taken from a post I read on the blog CorpNet:

Eat with them: You might want to eat through your meals to catch up on your inevitably large load of work, but you need to set aside some time to sit down over a meal with your significant other, friends and/or family.  It’s a simple way to recharge, and can actually help keep you more productive later on in the day.  

Listen: Even when you’ve got plenty on your plate, it always pays to listen to the concerns and challenges of the people you care about.  These are people who love and care about you, and you want to show them that you feel the same way.  And it’s a good feeling to know that you’ve made somebody’s day by simply listening.  

Spend some one-on-one time: The best way to connect with somebody is through one-on-one time.  I’m reminded of George and Elaine from the hilarious sitcom “Seinfeld”: even though they’re technically friends because they spend plenty of time together with Jerry, they spend almost no one-on-one time together, and when they do it’s always awkward.  To make sure you maintain meaningful connections with the people in your life, arrange some one-on-one time with them.  

The little things you do: The smallest gestures, even if they take relatively little time, go a long way to showing how you care.  These tasks can be simple enough: sending somebody a text message asking how their day is going, picking up ice cream on the way home from work, and more often than not make a big difference.