What comes to mind when you think of Millennials?  Apathetic?  Disrespectul? Irresponsible?  Self-centered?  These are all common misconceptions about the current budding generation.  Today’s young people are, in fact, socially aware, goal-oriented, and high achieving, and organizations need to learn to adapt their marketing materials to fit this demographic.

Hey everyone, Adam Kidan once again, this time responding to an article posted on entrepreneur.com about millennials, and how best to communicate with them.  This article shares some really powerful tools on how best to reach out to today’s young consumer, and I thought those tips were worth sharing with all of you.

Millennials are a smart, driven group.  Make sure your marketing materials recognize them for it.

Millennials are a smart, driven group. Make sure your marketing materials recognize them for it.

First of all, the article says, make sure you don’t underestimate the intelligence of your audience.  Millennials aren’t foolish.  They may appreciate simplicity, but they’re not dumb.  Don’t be afraid to present smart, cutting edge material to these young people; chances are, they’ll grasp it faster than their elders.

Second, be playful.  Entrepreneur.com says one of the best ways to reach millennials is to include “quirk in an authentic voice.”  Include some upbeat, light-hearted messaging in your advertising.  Have fun with your product, and show millennials that they can do the same.  This playfulness will encourage them to get involved.

Next, the article wants producers to recognize that millennials are fast moving.  They don’t spend a lot of time on one site or one page, so be sure to create content that’s flexible and fast paced.  A strong social media presence, along with viral videos, are key to modern marketing success, according to the article.

Finally, you want to be sure to allow consumers of the millennial generation to engage your organization in a conversation.  It’s not just about getting eyes to your website, the author says, it’s about communicating with customers, whether they be presenting an inquiry about a new service or complaining about a recent purchase.  You want to meet them where they are talking to you.  And do it publicly, so that other millennials will participate in similar conversations.

There’s no “secret” to success when it comes to millennials.  They’re not that simple.  But it’s important to remember these key points, and not to dismiss this generation as one not worth our time.