In a recent article, tech journalist Kim Shandrow wrote about five inspiring entrepreneurs who are worth following on Twitter.  While millions of tweets emerge from Twitter every day, there are still some specific people that every entrepreneur should follow.

Shark Tank

Barbara Corcoran (first row, right), alongside the other investors on “Shark Tank”.

Barbara Corcoran is most famous for her position on the show “Shark Tank”.  With a $1,000 business loan, Barbara launched the Corcoran Group, which is now a multi-million dollar company.  Every day, Barbara tweets business advice, with pointers such as how to pitch and grow a business and out-brand competition.

David Cohen is the founder of TechStars, a Boulder-based investment program for internet startups.  In addition to sharing his insights about tech business, Cohen also tweets inspirational quotes and business tips.

One of the three original people behind Twitter is Jack Dorsey, chief executive of Square, Inc, the maker of a gadget that makes it easy for people and small businesses to accept payments from their tablets and phones.  Jack tweets about business endeavors, charitable causes, innovators and Square.

Tim Ferriss, the New York-based entrepreneur and startup investor, is probably most famous for writing the best-selling “The 4-Hour Work Week”.  Tim tweets constantly, sometimes dozens of times in just one day.  He tweets about investment tips, sale-closing tactics, encouraging quotes and funny little things.  Ferriss also encourages people to tweet questions to him, which he personally answers.

The chief executive of, Tony Hsieh tweets uplifting quotes and links to articles about how to make the office more fun and collaborative of a place to work.  Earlier in 2013, Hsieh made headlines due to his hilarious response to Kanye West’s public insult of Zappos.