Why You Should hire by Adam KidanWhen you start a business, it often takes a while before you admit that you need help.  You write the content, set up the site, handle the social media, write the emails.  At the time, you’ll tell yourself that you wouldn’t want it any other way.  Yet in hindsight, nine out of ten business owners wish they had hired sooner.  Working with a team allows you grow your business exponentially, be less stressed and take advantage of opportunities you may have not even noticed before.  

Many entrepreneurs don’t think they need help when starting their business.  They’ve got their own way of doing things, can do the work themselves and don’t need to worry about others messing up.  There’s a lot of pride in that, and while pride can keep you going, it can also hinder your ability to adapt and let go.  If you don’t have any employees, all that tells people is that you’re in the beginning stage of your business.  There isn’t shame in being a one-man show, but you need to build a team when your business begins to build momentum, otherwise you’ll become overwhelmed or stagnate.  

As great as building a team can be, you need to hire carefully.  For many who don’t know how to manage their team properly, hiring people takes extra time and defeats the whole purpose.  If you’re going to hire, then it’s important to hire for the role as opposed to the task.  This mindset will help you approach hiring staff as truly building a team of people that can play a role in building a business.  No matter who you hire, whether they’re permanent employees or freelancers, make sure that you always show appreciation to those who help you.  Simple as it sounds, this goes a long way in building loyalty and respect while encouraging your team to keep up the good work.  

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