Why You Should read by Adam KidanThe more you read, the more you’ll learn.  That goes without saying.  Even if it can be a bit of a time commitment, it’s important to take time away from your busy schedule and take some time to read every day, even if it’s just on the subway.  The best rule of thumb is to try and read one book every month.  I recently came across an article that discusses six reasons that you should read one book a month, listed below:

Books keep you sharp: Both Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have said the best superpower would be to speed read.  Reading a book serves as exercise for your brain.  Physical fitness requires being committed to your workout and diet, then pushing yourself to new levels, and mental fitness is much the same thing.  Books are like the treadmills and weights of mental fitness.

Books are great mentors: It might seem hard to get the top influencers in your industry as mentors, but books allow you to be mentored by just about anybody that’s been published.  

Books introduce you to new ideas: You can’t learn everything from just one person.  Creativity grows when various different ideas are combined together.  Different books serve as a great way to keep new ideas growing in your head.  Every time you read a new book, you’ll be introducing yourself to new ideas.  

Books give you time to think: The hardest thing for people to do is often to stop everything and just think for a while.  A lot of people are scared by the thought of sitting alone with their thoughts, disconnected to the outside world.  Yet as reading introduces you to new ideas, it will make your thoughts more interesting and more exciting.

Books are entertaining: Netflix is entertaining, but books are on a whole other level.  Reading fiction or a biography transports you into a completely different world, that’s only limited by your imagination.

Books improves your writing: You’ll need to read more if you want to improve your writing.  It will increase your vocabulary and introduce you to various authors whose style of writing can help you learn to write better.